Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trilithic Introduces Its Spectrum Analyzer with Upgraded Features

If you’re a cable system operator looking for analysis and troubleshooting capabilities, you might want to check out a communication test equipment tool the 853Q Spectrum Analyzer by Trilithic Broadband Instruments.
Trilithic 853Q Spectrum Analyzer

According to company officials, it’s designed to help increase productivity by providing a complete set of spectrum analysis tests in one instrument, an intuitive user interface for a shorter learning curve -- an always-welcome feature, the faster your techs can figure it out the faster they’re up and running.

One improvement in this 8853Q is its larger display and internal calibration, company officials say. It comes with full-featured, high performance, remote operation, and its automated FCC (News - Alert) proof testing simplifies reporting.

Cable operators generally use spectrum analyzers in the head-end, and as a tool for more complex testing and troubleshooting, as well as for FCC proof of performance tests.

As it’s portable it can be used anywhere in the cable network for analyzing RF signals with a comprehensive scope of measurements, according to company officials, who add that from analysis of digitally modulated signals to tests of distortion and noise parameters in the field, “this spectrum analyzer is an industry workhorse.”

A couple weeks ago TMC (News - Alert) wrote about the TFS-2000 Series Optical Time Domain Reflectometers, described by Trilithic officials as OTDRs for everyday use in the field on a wide variety of networks.

This communication test equipment combines speed, dynamic range, an easy to read color display, a rugged package and short dead zone at a decent price, company officials say, adding that the TFS-2000 Series OTDRs are made for everyday use in the field on a wide variety of networks.

They’re billed by Trilithic officials as being lightweight and easy enough to use so they can be operated by a novice, while at the same time they can be “appreciated by a seasoned user.”

The new OTDR series of fiber products is available in dual singlemode, dual multimode and quad wavelength configurations.

Earlier this month TMC reported that if you’re looking for communication test equipment, you’ll want to check out TechPoint’s fleet management tool.

Company officials say it has more efficient routing using dynamic dispatch can mobilize business processes in the field, reduce fuel and labor costs, reduce errors with paperless forms and, probably best of all, requires no hardware or software maintenance.


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