Saturday, March 5, 2011

New VAM package for Vibration Spectrum Analyzers

Datastick Systems, Inc., has announced the immediate availability of its VAM Vibration Acoustic Monitoring package for its VSA' line of handheld Vibration Spectrum Analyzers, which are used in the maintenance of machinery such as pumps, fans, motors, and compressors.

The package includes industrial noise-canceling headphones with safety earmuffs with both Passive and Active Noise Cancelation. The package also includes an in-line amplifier for adjusting the sound level, as well as cabling and connector.

'Many vibration experts willuse headphonesas electronic stethoscopesin the normal signal acquisition process, so they can simultaneously 'listen' to the sensor output while observing the time or frequencyspectrum displays,' said John Visotsky, Chairman of the Atlanta Chapter of the Vibration Institute. 'This additional capability helps distinguish betweenbearing faults,race defects, lubrication requirements, gear mesh faults, rubbing and other defects. Vibration novices will learn the sounds of the problems they are finding, and gain greater certainty with their tools. Audio signal output adds one more perception to a vibration analyst's toolset.'

Penny Melrose, Datastick CEO, said that the new accessory package was the direct result of requests from customers. 'Analysis of the waveforms and frequency spectra of the vibration from machines with problems can prevent costly, unpredicted, and sometimes dangerous breakdowns. The VAM Vibration Acoustic Monitoring package gives maintenance and reliability managers and technicians an extra dimension in their analysis of vibration signals.'

Datastick handheld vibration analyzers are used in many different industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, facilities management, utilities and power generation. They are particularly valuable for mobile applications such as field service of pumps and compressors. VSAs are also used to detect structural problems caused by vibration that may cause harm to sensitive equipment in data centers, as well as to employee health.

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