Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer and Site Survey 5.5

Wi-Fi-based real-time location systems provider Ekahau has released the Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) version 5.5 and Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer that allow network administrators design, deploy and troubleshoot high-capacity Wi-Fi networks. Unlike other Wi-Fi (WLAN) planning and administration tools, the latest version of ESS takes the capacity of the Wi-Fi network fully into consideration. ESS analyses the network capacity based on the number of Wi-Fi devices, and the applications run on them.

When designing a Wi-Fi network for data, voice, or RTLS, to support a large number of wireless devices, ESS will suggest a more dense access point placement. When analysing a network, ESS now will display areas of sufficient or insufficient capacity. ESS also provides in-depth troubleshooting analysis, showing the number of associated clients per access point and displaying areas where too many voice calls will be placed simultaneously via a single access point. The Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer allows the user to detect, identify and locate interference issues in Wi-Fi networks.

DBx Pro, which replaces the previous DBx Spectrum Analyzer, offers significant improvements, such as interference classification, a device finder and a redesigned user interface. Ekahau Site Survey 5.5 and Ekahau DBx Pro Spectrum Analyzer are available from the Ekahau website and through Ekahau's certified distribution partners.


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