Friday, June 17, 2011

Introducing Real Tech's All New Spectrum Analyzer Product Series

Real Tech's new continuous online spectroscopy analyzer series provides highly accurate, easy to use and affordable real time process monitoring, scanning across the whole spectrum of UV and/or visible light, allowing for the rapid detection of many common and emerging contaminants.

The Real Spectrum Analyzer can provide multi-component measurement capabilities and is able to extract and isolate concentration information about one or more chemical components of concern even when an unknown mixture of other chemical components is also present in the water.

Whether your application is for wastewater or high purity (ultrapure) water, the Real Spectrum Analyzer product series can be configured for your specific water needs.

Real Tech's patented and patent pending technologies solve the inherent challenges plagued by other spectroscopy instrumentation in a simple and effective manner by being able to continuously compensate for the drift and fluctuations of spectral analysis each time a reading is measured. The Real Spectrum Analyzer is more reliable and stable, has lower maintenance requirements, and is a very cost effective solution, making real time spectroscopy analysis much more practical and attainable.


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